Saturday, December 12, 2009

Print out My Face

Now's your chance to defile my face!
Click on the image, print it out and then have fun besmirching ME!

Love, Peace and Cottage Cheese,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming Soon -- My Face!

FYI, I will be posting a PDF image of the face for you guys to download allowing you to provide creative pics.

Kids say the darndest things,
Greg "Chachi" Shapero.

Masked Crusaders

Ben provided these Anonymous Boy Duo pics.
Ben's email wrote "I don't know if youandmyface is ready for this... maybe you should save these gems."

When the grass is green, Mr. Scarbro.

Whoever you two are, I think I'm inlove.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Federation Palace ROUND 4

Bang Zoom, to the MOON!

Jason Cherry with a painting of Tiger Woods and that one girl from season 4 of Degrassi NG.

Ryan Ven Heizun had a breakdown moments after this. Check out his body language.

"Ok ok, you got your picture. When you send this to Chachi, don't include my name."
"You got it, JoAnna Landers."

Oh hi, Chris Bauknecht.

Josh Angliss being inconspicuous. Congratulations.

Photos by Ben Scarbro.

Federation Palace ROUND 3

And away we go.

You go, my Nubian brother.

Joseph Juhl, you rule. (I'm hoping his last name is pronounced "jule").

Oh crud. I think he's gonna jump (with finess). That's Nate Gilman BTW.

Moments before he brought out the boombox and said, "Now let's get this party started!"

Peek-a-boo! Imma' kill you! (Billy Lata)

Photos by Ben Scarbro.

Federation Palace ROUND 2

Justin Spackman isn't gay...

...but when he saw Wyatt Johnson wearing the mask, he gave it a consideration.

This is Molly Copeland. Rumor is she took this mask thing a little too far when she said "Chachi Smash!" before destroying her project. I appreciate the dedication, Molly.

Drew Gander. He demanded he get dressed in his "church clothes."

FYI, Phil Stewart lost.

Photos by Ben Scarbro

Federation Palace ROUND 1

My pal and fellow RVR counselor is the wild sort. He and his rowdy league of rogues Do the strangest things. Welcome to Federation Palace at Judson University in IL. Let's take a gander...

Oo-La La! Austin Fredrickson is the guy responsible for instilling fear into the guy from that movie Waiting.

If you think Matt Imburgia is a dirty bird for peeping under the stalls, consider the fact that the guy who took this picture is A)not wearing any underwear and B)snapping a picture while doing his dirty, sinful business.

To quote Denny from The Room; "I just like to watch you guys."

And here is Ben Scarbro himself. Talk about flexibility!

Photos by Ben Scarbro.

Once again, here is the infamous video.